The Okee Dokee Brothers

Artist: The Okee Dokee Brothers
Minneapolis, USA

Saddle up and embark on an adventure through music with GRAMMY® Award winning musical group The Okee Dokee Brothers. This four-time Parents’ Choice Award winning duo has been called “two of family music’s best songwriters,” garnering praise from everyone from the Huffington Post to USA Today.

Experience: Music | Length: 55 minutes | Grades: Kindergarten and Up | Venue: Jack Singer Concert Hall
Join Us: Kids with mobility impairments or visual impairments
Fine Arts – Music:

Rhythm: steady beats, strong and weak beats, tempo
Melody: melodies, pitches, intervals, patterns
Harmony: chords, accompaniment
Form: verse, chorus
Expression: words, feelings dynamics, voice, lyrics, strummed instruments
Listening: follow a story told by music, be an attentive, audience member, identify chord changes and different tempos

English Language Arts:

Discover and explore, Clarify and extend: experiences through oral texts
Comprehension strategies and cues: experiencing various texts, rhymes, songs, adventure stories, mood
Respond to texts, appreciate artistry in texts: sounds, word patterns, rhymes, rhythm

Health & Life Skills:

Life learning choices: interests, life-long learning
Personal health: recreation, physical activity
Wellness choices


Outdoor exploration
Needs of animals and plants

Show Times

Friday, May 25 - 10:00 AM
Saturday, May 26 - 11:00 AM