Artist: Red Sky Performance
Toronto, Canada

Though only a simple wooden fence separates Calvin on his ranch, and Speck on her reservation, they may as well live an ocean apart – that is, until a wild horse named Mistatim turns their worlds upside down. Witness the power of friendship in an unforgettable story of reconciliation under the wide prairie sky.

Mistatim is a coming of age story of two young people, one torn by the expectations of his father, the other, struggling with the impact of residential schools on her community.

Experience: Theatre, Dance | Length: 60 minutes includes 10 min Q&A | Grades: 1 and up | Venue: Max Bell Theatre
Join Us: Kids with mobility impairments or visual impairments
English Language Arts:

Discover and Explore: experiment with language and forms, oral texts
Use Strategies and Cues: structure, inferences
Respond to Texts: narrative, dramatic performance
Construct Meaning from Texts: characters, events, setting, human nature, themes
Appreciate Artistry of Texts
Understand Forms, Elements, and Techniques: structure, events, settings, narrator,
point of view, plot development, sound, text, and image combinations.

Fine Arts – Drama:

Dramatic Movement


Grade One: Needs of Animals and Plants Unit

Social Studies:

Culture and Community /Identity / Citizenship /Aboriginal Studies
First Nations perspectives, histories, and cultures
Multiple points of view, cultures, and communities
Communities in Canada
Land, places, people

Study Guides: Mistatim Study Guide

Show Times

Wednesday, May 23 - 10:15am
Wednesday, May 23 - 12:30pm