Doktor Kaboom! It’s Just Rocket Science

Artist: Doktor Kaboom
Seattle, United States

The (slightly) mad, scientifically ingenious Doktor Kaboom is back by popular demand for more wacky science…Kaboom style! Learn about the physics of space exploration with a hearty dose of laughs, audience participation, and a DIY hovercraft! You won’t want to miss Doktor Kaboom!

Experience: Wacky science; Comedy | Length: 60 minutes | Grades: 4 and Up | Venue: Jack Singer Concert Hall
Join Us: Kids with mobility impairment

Grade 4: Vehicles that move; Wheels and levers
Grade 6: Air and aerodynamics; Flight
Grade 8: Mechanical systems
Grade 9: Matter and chemical change
Principals: action and reaction, forces and motion, inertia, propulsion, gravity, aerodynamics, spacecraft, chemical reaction

Additional Resources: Artist's Website

Show Times

Saturday, May 26 at 4:00 PM